Monday, December 28, 2009

My Birthday happenings.....

I do realize my birthday was like two weeks ago but I want to share with all what a wonderful birfday I did have.

I went up to Lafayette to see some friends and hang out since I haven't seen them in a long time. I was able to have breakfast with Kristin, hangout with Emi and the Weida women, and spend time with Kim it was great. I even got to decorate the tree at church. After the packed day Kurt and I drove back to my Mums house for dinner. She made dukunu (a Belizian dish) yuuuuummmmmmy! THEN Kurt took me on a surprise adventure that took us into the outskirts of downtown...up to an unknown house down this dark street...He made me knock on the door and I was a little anxious but then a big teddy bear face appeared and it was Ty(Kurt's cousin)! We ended up at Ty's house and Heather was there! We went downtown to the IMAX theater to see the Christmas Carole. It was so good, my favorite part was when he was flying through the air.

Pretty good huh? WELL it's NOT over!

Saturday we went down to Bloomington to spend some time with Kurt's familia and put up their Christmas tree.

Sunday we went to the Colts game! It was so fun. BUT first we all went to breakfast and it was delicious!

After that Kurt and I went to steak n' shake.... Getting there was interesting though we went to a sketchy part of town looking for a place to eat.... I recommend not going over the bridge. THEN it was time for another surprise ..... this one was a little nervi for me. (Although I think I guessed it was going to happen on our drive through the sketch part of town but don't tell Kurt :-) ) He made me close my eyes the whole way there. Then wouldn't let me open my eyes until we got out the car and walked up there. I didn't trust his to be honest (and for good reason because he let me trip on a curb!!) Then he made me hold a phone book over my head(with my eyes still closed) to take a picture. (So embarrassing.)

Then... FINALLY..I was able to open my eyes!!! We were at the Zoo and not just anytime at the zoo ...Christmas at the ZOO. I wanted to go so bad because I love the lights. It was so too cool.

Not only did I get to go on all those adventures but I even got three cool presents from Kurt. THANKS BABE!

Awesome Birthday. Thank you Jesus for another year.

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Kim said...

I hadn't heard details yet. Good job Kurt! SO glad that you had a great birthday weekend!!