Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Read with Caution (kinda gross)

I am not sure why but I really feel the desire to share this:

So I have been ridiculously nauseous- a side effect i am attributing to the antibiotics I am on, valid assumption? not sure. but go with it. An accompanying side effect is a persistent headache- not important to the story but added for sympathy points.

Anywho, so i was sitting here not hungry because of the two previously stated reasons; so to take my medicine I decided to have some popcorn just so I wouldn't take it on an empty stomach. Hours later I am sitting here thinking about how much I would LOVE to throw up and I finally do!! and though during the initial onset I was actually elated that elation was deflated very quickly because throwing up popcorn is not fun and I currently have a kernal stuck in my throat. ( that would be the comic relief part)
Gross but that's the story. Enjoy

Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple Joys

So I am not fully recovered from this awful sickness by any means however I ventured out any way becaase I am SO over my apartment. I went to see "He's just not that into you" with some girls from work after they coaxed me into going to this wine bar (which you may not know this about me but I love wine). It was good to get out.

On my way home I got to catch up with two awesome girls who I miss like none other. Than I got home and read some other friend's blogs and hearing about how they are doing well made me happy.

I actually felt ok enough to read today and I was reading and listening to some stuff about our big man Jesus and the whole idea about doing all things to Glorify God in all you do makes life look so different. Very cool.

Thank you Jesus for movies, for this lush life in America we are blessed with, for friends, and for blessing friends, and for giving you glory.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three day weekend bust

Wednesday night when I got home from bowling I could (almost literally) feel all my white blood cells attacking some foreign thing in my body. Thursday I got up and went to work any way and then they sent me home. What followed was probably what I would like to describe as the worst span of sickness that I have yet to experience. It started with a anvil like weight on my chest and difficulty inhaling correct amounts of oxygen. Then went into a hard core fever and shivers. Then it moved up to my throat I could hardly speak it hurt to swallow even breathe. After hardcore drugging myself I woke up this morning feeling a little normal. Just drained of energy now. I am so sick (no pun intended) of my apartment. I hope I feel up to atleast seeing a movie tomorrow. Getting out. Three day weekend spent being sick.... saddness. But Thank you Jesus that it was just a cold and I am getting better.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FIRST Visit From A Friend

This weekend my FIRST visitor came to Cleveland to hang out!! Clay came- he is part of the Student Venture crew I always hung out with in highschool. It was really fun to be around someone familiar. We didn't do anything exciting really watch some movies and took a grand tour of Cleveland. It was just as much a tour for me as it was for him. I knew that stuff was down there and I had seen it but mainly at night so I was cool. Yea for visitors!

So when I knew Clay was coming I finally resolved to just go buy a couch. So, last weekend I went out with that very intention and guess what!!? I didn't get anything hahaha I didn't really like anything so instead I went to walmart and bought an air mattress. It worked out really well I think :-). I agree to the fact I am a little ridiculous but it's ok.

So, If anyone else would like to visit -you should!