Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Friend and an awesome singer

This past week a very good friend of mine came to visit for her spring break. It was so awesome to hang out with her and catch up. I was in disbelief she was actually here so many plans and promises have been made in the past and I didn't think it would actually happen. We had dinner downtown the first night ...which was st pattys day craziness downtown!! We ended up starting Alias from the begining - ADORE that show she got hooked too.

We also went hiking and found the "grand" waterfalls of Bedford.

Saturday I went to the Adele concert. It was AMAZING!!! She is so good and the opening act was really good too. They are a Scottish band and have adorable accentts...I officially have a new crush. After the concert we went dancing. It was so much fun. My legs were sore this morning from dancing so much ...either that or the fact I am so out of shape.

I am really starting to enjoy living here in Cleveland too bad I am leaving in like 4 months

Monday, March 2, 2009

Church, sermons and the like

So this weekend I listened to a few sermons online, went to church, and I am reading the Case for Christ... These are some of my thoughts pertaining to them (if you dont read the whole post read the last point-funny)

-John 4:14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Have you ever thought of that verse? When I read (which I am sure was for the 100th time) it hit me a different way. The questions "what does this look like?" and "what does that mean?" When we accept Jesus we don't stop yearning for things or asking questions. I am going to look into what this refers to.

-I listened to the discipline of community and I felt really home sick for ole' lafayette. Mainly the people there. That is what sets CRC apart from other churches it really focuses on doing life together and valuing community. I miss that so much.

-I listened to temptation from hypocrisy and sin and it was really good. Wanting to follow/respect Jesus and follow what he says.

-Case for Christ is actually a really good read so far. I never wanted to read it because everyone had but I am enjoying it and learning a lot!

-Every month the church I go to has something called "deeper" and during it I had a couple thoughts. One had to do with a broken relationship in my life and I was praying for it and at the end of deeper instead of getting prayer for it I thought to myself "there is no point" just a very strong spirit of skepticism came over me. I want to stop thinking through my own lens in life and have one like Gods. My view is so ugly.

-A couple of us from work went out for happy hour. During out appetizers and drinks one of the guys asks "you know in the almost 6 months that we have known you, you haven't been interested in any guys- for all we know you could be in to girls" umm say WHAT? number one defenealty into the dudes! but number two I just am not into settling and plus I am moving soon........ after listening to that hypocrisy sermon I felt a little convicted that I beat around the bush- I wish I would have said I am waiting on God's timing ... and not try to validate/convince ......... But yea way akward!