Monday, January 25, 2010

Luke 15: 11-31

Luke 15:11-31 Is the parable of the lost son.

I am sure most of you all know about it and have read/heard it TONS of times however, when I read it today I had a different feeling about it.

Recap of the parable: This wealthy man has two sons. The younger of the two goes to his father and asks for his inheritance upfront; his father grants his request and he runs off and squanders it on frivolous things. Sometime after a famine/ hard times hit the country and the young son is pretty much left with nothing. He ends up working as a farm hand and has less to eat than the pigs do. He decides to go and ask for work from his father since his father's servants are pretty well off. When he goes home his father accepts him with huge open arms and clothes, feeds, and loves on him. His father ends up throwing a huge party for him and the older son gets annoyed and upset. The older sons thoughts are that he has been faithful and a hard worker for his dad for this whole time and he has never received a party and here his brother is who lost everything, shamed his family and he gets a celebration.

Every other time I have ever heard/read this story I think about how the younger son got welcomed home and forgiven but this time I focused more on the older son. I think we have this mentality a lot; that life isn't fair-' why do all these people who are bad get good things', 'I have been good and I deserve a celebration'. At the end of the parable it says that the Father says to the older son "you are always with me, and everything I have is yours" How often do we forget that God is always with us and that we take advantage of it. Even though we work hard at being good for him and following him-working hard out in the field and don't get and recognition.

Thank you Jesus for coming to die for us and giving us the privilege to always have the Father with us. Remind us how good we have it.