Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ahh so I am finally doing it (writing a post) with much encouragement from some friends and fam!

Life is way crazy from the last entry I have been moved to indianapolis like most of you know. I absolutely love being here and have a feeling I am not going to want to leave. 

One thing about living here though is the ridiculous working hours. Like today, I left for work at 6am and got home at 10:45 pm!!!!! AND get to go back in at 7 tomorrow. It's an interesting job and the time kind of goes by fast but I don't like the hours. No normal life to be had that's for sure. 

This past two days off though were really nice. Kristin came down and I loved getting to know her better plus just hanging out. We also went and ordered out AWESOME bridesmaid dresses. They are so cute! Then I was a complete bum all day. Friday I got to hang out with my youngest sister all day it was fun. We went to the pool and got BURNT and got our eyebrows done, and had lunch was good to hang out with her. 

I can't wait for next weekend to go up to lafayette and Misha will be there and get to see everyone!