Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Belize Update and a revelation

So we (my youngest sister and I) arrived in Belize Sunday. It wasn't till we finally stepped out of the plane and in to the hot muggy air did it really hit me that we were here! Our family tends to be alot of talk and no action and even though I was in charge of the trip this time my mind was still weary of the outcome.
Sunday: My brother, unfortuneatly, had to go to Tinidad and Tobago (however you spell it) all week for work so he met us at the airport before he left and we had lunch. SO amazing to see him I miss him. His wonderful wife Tanya and youngest son Jahban were also present to welcome us. Jahban is SO CUTE. I will put picutres up when I return. The rest of the sunday consisted of eating great food ( Panades, cocunut tarts, plum, and honey chicken) it was then followed by ALOT of sleep. We literally got no sleep before the plane ride so we were spent.

Monday: We went to visit my grandparents in Belmopan its like 45 min away from Belize city (which is where we are staying) it was really good to see them. My grannie made sere which is a fish soup. SOUP?? who on earth makes soup when it's like 95 degrees outside haha never-the-less I thought it was good but my grannie it one of those who stuffs you full of food saying "take more take more and dont tell me you are on a diet!! " My grandad is so cute and has an amazing sense of humor and he loves boxing?? Love 'em.

Tuesday: Was not that exciting we just relaxed at the house. It was a cooler day of 75 and overcast. We decided to have a cookout and play games. So my sister-in -laws sister (follow?) had her friends come over and we hung out ate and played basketball. Then we played cards and finally ended on that one game with the 3 rounds I never remember the name of it! It was a good day regardless.

So my revelation ..............................even though people have kids it doesn't mean they grow up!! I have been talking to some friends and when hearing stories you would respond saying soemthing like "that is so childish" or "they need to grow up" orrrr "what is their problem?? they are suppose to be the parent" And it dawned on me (regardless of how obvious it is) that just because you bare a child doesn't mean you suddenly become mature and grow up....even if you have been a parent for 25 years!