Thursday, October 22, 2009

Furniture SHopping

My Mum and I went to look at furniture today since when I move into my apartment in a couple weeks and I've decided once again that I am not a shopper; nor am I any good at putting things together. I am pretty sure I sat in at least half of the couches in that store and still I am not positive what I want.

Things I do know: I want my couch to be deep and long and loungy (whatever that means). I also know I don't want a loveseat because it wont fit in my apt so I think a chair would be good instead. I do know I like dark wood furniture too.

The couch I liked today is this one:

But I am not sure about the color or anything really. I have a horrible time making a decision.

hmmmm any thoughts?


Kim said...

It's a really cute couch. The only problem I've found with our color green (can't tell on that one) is that if you ever want to paint your room, you're limited on choices...

I might try brown next time myself. What are the color options for that one???

Kurt said...

Looks pretty sharp. You need to just take an afternoon and fall asleep on it to make sure. I don't think the people in the store would mind.